University of Minnesota

The Accessibility Observatory at the University of Minnesota is the nation's leading resource for the research and application of accessibility-based transportation system evaluation. Accessibility, which examines both land use and transportation systems, measures how many destinations, such as jobs, can be reached in a given time.

Access Across America

This series of reports ranks accessibility to jobs in major U.S. cities by mode:


Investments in biking routes continue to yield benefits in U.S. metros

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Access Across America: Biking 2019 for the first time provides comparisons with accessibility data from the previous year in ranking the 50 largest U.S. metros for connecting workers with jobs via bicycle.

Access to jobs by transit increases in half of largest U.S. metros

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The 2019 edition of Access Across America: Transit ranks accessibility to jobs by transit in top U.S. cities. Though rankings of the top 10 metro areas for job accessibility by transit only changed slightly from the previous year, the data comparing changes within each of the largest U.S. metros helped researchers identify the places with the greatest increases in access to jobs by transit. Read more about the study.

National Accessibility Evaluation

The National Accessibility Evaluation pooled-fund study measures accessibility to jobs across the entire U.S. Each pooled-fund partner has direct digital access to these detailed accessibility datasets.

The Accessibility Observatory is a program of the Center for Transportation Studies.